It certainly didn’t take Kirby Smart long to deliver his first SEC title to Georgia. In his second season in Athens, the UGA alum led the No. 6 Bulldogs to an impressive 28-7 win over No. 2 Auburn in dominating fashion.

Immediately after the game, Smart and his team’s star player, senior running back Nick Chubb shared their thoughts on the amazing performance Saturday night in Atlanta.

What was the difference in this game? 

“It’s real simple — composure and physicality,” Smart said. “That’s all that it was about, composure and physicality and great kids like (Nick Chubb).”

The 31 seniors in this program, what can you say about them and what they mean to this program?

“They’ve meant everything to this program. The leadership that (Chubb) and Sony Michel and the rest of these leaders have provided for us is impeccable,” he continued. “This is an awesome win for our program, for our university and a lot of people around the state of Georgia.”

Nick Chubb was asked a question as well: Aren’t you glad you came back?

“I’m so glad I came back,” he answered.

Chubb is a player of few words but that’s all that needs to be said as his team will bring the SEC title back home to Athens.