Kirk Herbstreit shared his thoughts Tuesday night on the final College Football Playoff rankings prior to Championship Saturday.

The ESPN analyst agrees with Georgia remaining at No. 1 even though he was highly impressed with Michigan’s victory against Ohio State on Saturday.

“I thought Georgia would hold on to that top spot, being the defending champs,” Herbstreit said. “The way they’ve played all year, there’s really nothing that they’ve done, regardless if you want to go through every week of their schedule, they deserve to be at that top spot. Despite Michigan having, as you said, maybe the best win of anybody in what they did last week at Ohio State. I think both of those teams go into the last weekend, Championship Saturday, if they lose the game, I think they’re still in.”

Herbstreit adds that Ohio State still has an outside shot at the CFP if USC loses to Utah in the Pac-12 title game.

“Rece you mentioned that even last weekend. Now that we’ve seen these teams play, I think it’s pretty much a done deal. Can maybe make the case for TCU. Pretty simple, pretty clean this year. USC wins, they’re in, we’ve got our 4. If they lose, which Ohio State fans are hoping for, Joey, it would open up the possibility of Ohio State,” Herbstreit said. “Even though it’s hard to imagine after the way Ohio State played last weekend especially in that second half that they’d still be in position, but there’s really nobody else that could go by them right now this particular year. So even though they’re frustrated and disappointed with the way they played, they still I guess mathematically have a shot if SC goes down Friday night against Utah.”

Georgia, Michigan, and TCU are all undefeated, while USC is 11-1. Georgia squares off with LSU in the SEC Championship Game. Michigan will take on Purdue in the Big Ten Championship Game. TCU takes on Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship Game.