Former Georgia LB Jordan Jenkins will get a chance to do something he’s always wanted to do when his New York Jets take on the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon.

Jenkins will get to play at full-speed against his former Georgia teammate, star Rams RB Todd Gurley.

Jenkins told the New York Post that he wasn’t allowed to hit Gurley during their three years together in Athens:

“He was chilling in practice,” Jenkins said this week with a smile.

Jenkins knows that the Jets are going to have to stop Gurley if they’re going to have a chance to win the game:

“I know they have a great running back back there, and I already know how they are going to try to use him,” Jenkins said. “They’re going to attack us with the run and really just try to run down our throats.”

Check out the Jets and Rams in action at 1 p.m. Eastern time on FOX.