Both teams had clock management issues down the stretch in Georgia’s 24-21 Peach Bowl win over Cincinnati. But Georgia coach Kirby Smart got away with his late timeout only to punt, while Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell did not appreciate a question about his decision.

Asked by a reporter why the Bearcats snapped the ball with so much time on the play clock, about 20 seconds, with the lead, instead of draining the clock before Georgia got the ball, Fickell said there was a simple reason.

“Is that, really, are you serious? Because we’re going to play to win,” Fickell said. “We play to win. And you know, we do what we do. It wasn’t like we wanted to throw the thing. It was an opportunity. It was three different options to it. You know, we’re not going to go back wondering and trying to play the wishing and wanting game. We’re going to be aggressive. We are going to go and give our guys an opportunity. There’s a lot of different things we do different when you go by hindsight, but we are going to play to win.”

As it stood, Georgia got the ball back with 1:28 remaining from the Cincinnati 20-yard line.

Ultimately, the Bearcats blew a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter when Georgia kicker Jack Podlesny kicked a 53-yard field goal in the final seconds of Georgia’s victory.