Thanks to Georgia linebacker Davin Bellamy, it may cost you in the future if you want to humble yourself.

If you missed it after Georgia’s Rose Bowl win over Oklahoma, the senior linebacker yelled “humble yourself” in the direction of Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield. Considering Mayfield is renowned for his cocky behavior and attitude, the clip of that moment went viral soon after the game.

So much so, that t-shirts have even been made of the slogan. Bellamy’s mom was even seen leading up to the title game wearing one.

If there’s money to be made off the slogan, Bellamy is reportedly trying to cash in on it. According to TMZ, Bellamy has filed papers to trademark “humble yourself” for his own use.

That decision may be a smart one but it’s far from humble.

If you missed the scene after the Rose Bowl, here’s the moment that had made that slogan so popular in Georgia: