For every NFL football player, the rookie season is something of a learning experience. Former Georgia RB Nick Chubb’s 2018 season with the Cleveland Browns was no exception.

“Everyone on the field in the NFL is very good,” Chubb recently told Steve Doerschuk of “There are no plays off, no days off, no games off. Not everyone you played in college was as tough.

“Every game last year was new. I was going to continue to try to get it as I went on. I never fully got it. i still don’t have it. I’m still learning.”

While he’s learning, Chubb isn’t quite ready to give a self-evaluation of his progress.

“I don’t really have a grade for it,” Chubb said. “I gave it my all in the games. I feel pretty good about myself.”

The running back’s attitude and approach have impressed his quarterback, Baker Mayfield.

“He just works really hard,” Mayfield told Doerschuk. “He cares about winning more than anything. He had 1,000 yards and lost it. He didn’t care about that. He cared about the fact that we lost the last game of the year.

“That speaks volumes about who he is as a teammate.”