Ohio State’s defense understood the dangers of facing Georgia’s offense in the Peach Bowl.

While meeting with the media ahead of the Peach Bowl, Ohio State defenders Tommy Eichenberg, Lathan Ransom, and Jack Sawyer answered questions about the biggest concerns they had with going up against the Bulldogs.

Eichenberg acknowledged Georgia’s strong offensive attack.

“I’d say overall just a great offense. They can do a lot with the ball, and I think that’s hard to defend, but it comes down to us,” Eichenberg said.

For Sawyer, he pointed out Georgia’s strong offensive line and Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett.

“Yeah. I just think they got a veteran quarterback, obviously, who’s a great player, and they got a really athletic offense line, too,” Sawyer said. “So I think they like to play their offensive line strength with how athletic they are and big upfront with a lot of stuff they do. And having a veteran quarterback as good as Stetson Bennett brings a lot of challenges as well.”

Ransom echoed a similar sentiment about Bennett’s talent.

“Yeah, I agree,” Ransom said. “I think he does a great job getting the ball into the play makers hands, does a great job with what the defense gives him, and I think they do a good job of motions, shifts. So at the end of the day, like Tommy said, it’s up to us. Everyone just needs to be on the same page and to execute their job, and I think we’ll be good.”

Ohio State will look to pull off the upset over Georgia on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET.