Paul Finebaum, Heather Dinich and Dan Orlovsky broke down their impressions and concerns of Georgia Peach Bowl performance and discussed how the Bulldogs might fare in the College Football Playoff Championship Game against TCU on ESPN’s Get Up on Monday.

Dinich didn’t have many concerns about the Bulldogs despite their struggles, and she believes Stetson Bennett’s performance was the most impressive part.

“I was more impressed and it has everything to do with Stetson Bennett,” Dinich said. “He was so clutch when he had to be.”

Finebaum had concerns about Georgia. He believes the Bulldogs might be riding last year’s championship too much and overlooking their opponents.

“The big concern I would have though is that Georgia looks like a team that has been holding this mantle of being the defending national champion on its back,” Finebaum said. “And it seemed to have gotten to them in the second half of the LSU game in the championship and obviously before this game started.”

Orlovsky said he thinks Georgia is going to be fine. He believes the Bulldogs already beat one of the only teams capable of beating them and it should be smooth sailing against TCU.

“I felt, calling Georgia games this year and watching college football, that there were 2 teams that I thought could beat Georgia,” Orlovsky said. “One was USC and 2 was Ohio State, just because of their ability to throw the ball downfield and the dynamic talent they have on the perimeter.”