Mess with Sanford Stadium and Georgia will come down on you.

That’s the lesson learned by four Oxford College students this week as the students made the trip to Athens from Atlanta leading up to Georgia’s home finale against Texas A&M with the intention of damaging the field. Following their late November trip to Athens, all four students have been arrested according to Michael King of 11ALIVE News.

According to the police report following the incident, the four students entered Sanford Stadium on November 20, 2019, at about 8:15 p.m. The students then poured salt on the field in an attempt to damage the grass surface.

The section of the field that was damaged had to be replaced before the Texas A&M game and caused $500 worth of damage to Georgia’s field. The students also reportedly stole three red UGA seatbacks from the stadium.

Charges were filed against the four students on Jan. 15.

You can read more about the investigation over at 11Alive News.