Once the enemy of Dawg Nation, Scott Cochran has joined forces with Kirby Smart and is now the one leading the special teams unit in Athens after leaving the Alabama coaching staff this offseason.

Of course, Cochran has a long history with Georgia, including his infamous quote that made national headlines leading up to the 2008 showdown between the No. 3 Bulldogs and No. 8 Alabama.

The Bulldogs decided to break out black uniforms for the game, to which Cochran famously said Georgia did so because “they’re going to their own funeral.”

Alabama ended up winning the game in Athens, 41-30.

During his first press conference as a member of the Georgia coaching staff, Cochran was asked about making those comments and if anyone in Athens has given him any grief over them.

“The great thing about that is that no one remembers that’s a player [at Georgia]. No one even knows about it, so don’t tell anybody. Help me out a little bit,” Cochran joked. “I’m trying to gain the respect around here. I was kind of keeping that on the D-L, right now. In reality, I think in that moment it was kind of make or break.

“I wasn’t planning on it becoming public at all, but at the same time when it did—I was scared to death. I was 29 years old, I think. Whew! I thought I was going to lose my job.”

When asked to share his reaction to those comments going viral back in 2008, Cochran said he was fearful Nick Saban may run him off if the Crimson Tide lost the game.

“That’s exactly what everyone said,” Cochran said. “You know, ‘They didn’t need motivation; you just gave it to them.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, thanks.’”

Who knows, had Alabama lost that game, we may never know the name Scott Cochran in SEC circles.