The Georgia Bulldogs were shocked by the South Carolina Gamecocks Saturday 20-17.

Georgia got pushed around pretty much all game by the more physical team in USC. Yes, Georgia’s Playoff chances took a hit, but all hope isn’t lost for Kirby Smart’s team.

As Finebaum said Sunday morning on SportsCenter, “It is worth remembering though that in the last five years the champion four times has lost a game. Only Clemson ran the table last year. That’s what Kirby Smart will tell his team. Whether they listen or not remains to be seen.”

So, Georgia is very much alive in the Playoff picture, but its margin for error is so slim.

FOX Sports analyst Tim Brando thinks Georgia isn’t out of it because the Bulldogs — and the rest of the big, bad SEC — belong to the “pure Playoff privilege” teams.

“The Southeastern Conference lost Georgia, and the No. 1 question going into the week will now be — ‘Oh, how precipitous will a fall be for Georgia?’ The real truth is the Bulldogs, much like Alabama, are part of the pure Playoff privilege teams where brand name matters more.

“And because of who they have left to play and they have more rivals than anyone else — Florida, Auburn and potentially Alabama in the SEC Championship. That is more than enough artillery for them — if they can navigate their way through — to still make it into the College Football Playoff.

“Brand name matters. The loss by Georgia to South Carolina actually affected Notre Dame more than it did Georgia.”

Brando’s full comments are below: