Tim Tebow, who currently plays for the Mets triple-A team, visited Atlanta this week for a minor league game, and, of course, Tebow was asked about SEC football.

When Tebow isn’t playing baseball, he’s an analyst on the SEC Network. But with a .148 average, perhaps we should say when he isn’t an SEC Network analyst, he’s a baseball player.

All kidding aside, Tebow was asked about Georgia and Florida and sizing up the SEC East.

“It’s going to be a really good competition,” Tebow said in response to a Georgia-Florida question. “I think both of them have good schedules, really tough schedules I should say. I think that’ll play into it. Florida’s added some depth. I think that’ll give them a chance to be more competitive.”


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Tebow was very blunt about Georgia getting over the hump, even dropping a “big brother little brother” reference.

“I think this needs to be Georgia’s year,” Tebow continued. “I really do. I think you know just the way it’s gone against Alabama the last couple years; to not be able to get there again it’s not just that it hurts you in that year it becomes a big brother little brother type thing where you gotta eventually be able to get over that hurdle, get over that hump. And I think this is kind of that year. It’s been a building process for Georgia, and if you had looked three years ago I think now would be that time.

“So, I think they were ahead of schedule, and they did some incredible things. And honestly probably should have won a national championship two years ago. And really had such a great chance to close out the SEC championship game last year and go to the playoff. So, I think this is a big year. Probably anything less is going to be a little bit disappointing if you’re a Georgia fan.”

The video below is courtesy of 11 Alive News’ Wes Blankenship: