Todd McShay recently released his updated 2023 NFL Mock Draft. He has Georgia’s Jalen Carter going No. 2 overall to the Seattle Seahawks, but that didn’t stop him from also questioning Carter’s character.

During an appearance on ESPN, McShay discussed his mock draft and went in-depth on Carter and what narratives might be out there ahead of the draft.

Check out his segment about the Georgia star below:

“With Carter, there are some character issues, does he get along with everybody? What’s he like to deal with in the locker room? Those sorts of issues,” McShay said. “I know it’s early in the process, but I’m forewarning everyone out there. Carter is going to be kind of a hot-button name when we talk about some of the intangible aspects of it. I think Pete Carroll sitting there at No. 2, who has a long of history taking guys who have quote-unquote questionable character and then developing them and having them work out, that makes a lot of sense to me.

“That will be the big discussion. It’s not about his talent. It’s not about his size. It’s not about his explosive take off or finishing as a pass rusher. It’s about the character and do we want to bring that guy into the building.”

Almost immediately, Georgia teammates came to Carter’s defense, calling out McShay:

We’ll see what happens with Carter’s stock in the buildup to April’s draft. But first, he and his Georgia teammates will try to win their second-straight College Football Playoff title.