Trevor Matich spent a segment on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Saturday describing what Georgia needs to fix ahead of its College Football Playoff semifinal against Michigan.

Matich outlined what Alabama did in the SEC Championship Game, and pointed to the fact that the Crimson Tide identified the “easiest play for the moment. And part of the way they did it was to just find matchups pre-snap.”

Matich shared that while Georgia has good safeties, and provided good coverage, “safeties aren’t corners for a reason.”

Alabama then prepared a Plan B for when Georgia disguised its defense, and in one example, sent a linebacker on a pass rush and dropped a defensive lineman into coverage. The Tide then had a receiver break off into a route toward the sideline instead of the middle of the field.

“Now for the regular season, Georgia’s defense was able to rely on their physical dominance,” Matich said. “But Alabama showed that at this level, that’s not enough, and the Bulldogs will need to make sure that Michigan has a much more difficult time in finding, and hitting, the easy plays.”