Georgia cut the ribbon on its beautiful new indoor practice facility Tuesday, catching the school up to the rest of the conference in terms of indoor practice venues.

Remarkably, the facility was built in only one year, as showcased in this incredible time-lapse video:

While Georgia is the last SEC school to build an indoor facility, athletic director Greg McGarity commented that the school used that to its advantage. After learning from the mistakes of other schools indoor facilities, Georgia knew what it would take to build the nicest building possible.

Georgia also took full advantage of the opportunity to honor the excellent players in the school’s history with photos of Todd Gurley, David Greene, David Pollack, Jordan Jenkins, A.J. Green, and Leonard Floyd on the walls of the facility.

Between the unveiling of the practice facility and the announcement of the new recruiting pavilion and locker rooms, Tuesday was a major step toward achieving, and more importantly sustaining, success moving forward for the Georgia football program.

How soon it all pays off remains to be seen but don’t be surprised if the answer comes as soon as this season for UGA.