There’s nothing wrong with having passion for your school.

In fact, it’s an admirable quality. College football fans are some of the finest people in America (probably).

But at the same time, it can be creepy in some instances.

One Georgia fan — Clark Hurst — recently dropped what had to be the absolute weirdest video of 2017.

Hurst, who has been described as a superfan, is apparently journeying from Sanford Stadium in Athens all the way to California on a scooter for Monday’s Rose Bowl.

That story is cool in itself, but it’s his most recent odd video that is truly compelling.

Full of awkward pauses and silences, Hurst likens Sanford Stadium to being a dog kennel full of angry dogs. He then says something strange about a revival of the soul, or something like that.

It’s really weird.

Just watch for yourself (video courtesy of @Colin_Hayes):

Another part of Hurst’s adventure:

Is this him, too?