The popular new “Thinking Out Loud” show on the SEC Network aired again on Monday evening.

Analysts Greg McElroy and Marcus Spears called out fans who berate recruits on Twitter and officials, respectively, during their “Come @ Me” segment.

The show airs every Monday at 7 p.m. ET on the SEC Network.

McElroy had a problem with fans tweeting negative messages at a recruit last week.

He said he wasn’t allowed to mention the player’s name because of the network he’s associated with, but it’s pretty obvious he was talking about the nation’s No. 1 overall player, quarterback Justin Fields, who committed to Georgia last Friday.

McElroy even mentioned the player was a Georgia commit and referred to him as “one of the best players in the country.”

“The people I’d like to have come at me are the people that criticize his decision. Who are you to criticize what’s in the best interest of this young man?” McElroy said. “I looked through at the Twitter trolls and the banter … People saying you’re crazy, ‘why would you go to Georgia?'”

McElroy said Fields has done everything right to this point in time and now has an opportunity to play at the college of his choice, so it is ridiculous for people to criticize that.

“These are the people I want to come at me,” he said. “That is, of course, if you can come out of your parents’ basement.”

Spears criticized officials, specifically those he said are missing calls that affect games.

He pointed to a play from Florida running back Kadarius Toney, where he clearly stepped out of bounds against LSU, though it wasn’t called on a big run play.

Spears also mentioned the final moments of the Kentucky vs. Missouri game, where officials didn’t see a UK player knock the ball out of Mizzou WR J’Mon Moore’s hands. He added that they were too slow getting the ball set, as well.

“These guys get graded just like we do, and they need to do a better job,” Spears said.