When you are building an elite program, it’s important to never settle for mediocre, even if you’re already up big against your opponent.

Alabama coach Nick Saban is famous for demanding perfection, even while winning big, and his understudy — second-year Georgia head coach Kirby Smart — has taken that page out of Saban’s book.

As you can see in the video below, Smart wasn’t happy with QB Jake Fromm after not converting a first down, even though the Bulldogs were already leading 45-14:

For a team with College Football Playoff and SEC East title aspirations this year, it’s important to execute properly on every single play.

As the Bulldogs learn what it takes to be elite, it appears that they have a coach who won’t let them rest until they accomplish their goals.

That’s a thought that should scare the rest of the SEC, and something that Smart’s former boss may want to take note of, too.