It’s evident now that Justin Fields was frustrated with his role at Georgia this season. But when that began, and how deep it ran, is up for debate.

However, a video of Fields walking off of the field against South Carolina in September may shed some light on his opinion of the role.

In that game, Fields was 1-for-1 passing for eight yards, which was a line that proved to be consistent throughout the season. He didn’t attempt a pass against Missouri and LSU, and didn’t play against Florida. His most productive SEC game passing came against Vanderbilt, when Fields was 3-for-6 passing for 53 yards.

Fields also didn’t have a game this season where he had more than seven carries. His most productive SEC game rushing came against Tennessee, when he had five carries for 45 yards and two touchdowns.

In this video, Fields told a teammate that he didn’t contribute much in the 41-17 win at South Carolina.