Here’s what Georgia coach Mark Richt and defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt had to say following his team’s 13-7 win over rival Georgia Tech in Saturday’s regular season finale in Atlanta.

Here is the transcript of some of Richt’s post-game comments:

Opening statement: “It was a great victory. I’m proud of our players, first and foremost. It was a great team effort. Our coaches did a wonderful job. Our fan base showed up in big numbers.

“I want to credit to Coach Johnson and his team. They battled. Both teams battled well. It was kind of a typical game that we play. I guess it’s nine out of 12, a touchdown or less. I know the last 12 games have been close. That’s kind of how it goes, but you’ve got to keep persevering until the end, which we did.”

It seemed like you dominated in so many ways, are you a little aggravated it was so close?

Richt: “I’m not aggravated at all, I’m happy. Any victory is a great victory, especially when it’s your in-state rival. I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to watch it. I’ll probably be a college football fan tonight and watch a lot of other coaches sweat it out. I can’t get frustrated with what happened. I can only be happy that we won and be proud of our guys, not just today, but over the last month. It’s been pretty neat.”

What do you make of the regular season?

Richt: “We came up short of our goal to get to Atlanta and try to go beyond. We all know that. That’s the standard here, to win the SEC. But when you also look at a team that was in the position we were in, everybody came together. It certainly could have gone one way or the other. It was that moment of truth where you ask, ‘what are you going to do?’ Lay down and die or lock arms and get after it. They did.”