Benny Snell doesn’t lack for confidence, that’s for sure.

That makes sense when you consider he has rushed for 2,424 yards and 32 touchdowns his first two seasons in Lexington. During his media availability from Atlanta for SEC Media Days, Snell was interviewed by Peter Burns of the SEC Network on SEC Now. During the interview, Burns asked Snell who was the nation’s best running back in 2018?

There was no hesitation in Snell’s answer.

“The best running back in 2018 is Benny Snell Jr,” the junior running back responded.

Burns then asked him why exactly that was and Snell continued to answer in the third person.

“Benny Snell is the best back because he’s durable, he can get 200+ carries… and still be able to finish the season. (Versus) Eastern Kentucky he broke his rib and was able to finish the game and still scored a touchdown,” Snell continued. “Back-to-back 1,000-yard rusher as well as having the numbers amongst Leonard Fournette, Hershel Walker, those guys, he’s got a great work ethic but he’s alright so far.”

If the best is yet to come for Snell, there’s little doubt he’ll end his career as the best running back in Kentucky history and could very well end his collegiate career as the nation’s best for the 2018 season — something the Wildcat running back already seems to believe.