De’Aaron Fox was a star at Kentucky back in 2017. The former Wildcat was part of an impressive Kentucky team that featured Bam Adebayo and Malik Monk and has gone on to succeed in the NBA with the Sacramento Kings.

On Friday though, Fox caught some slack for comments he made about college basketball. He told reporters he couldn’t get through a full game, citing poor officiating, an overall low quality of shotmaking and at times, even poor coaching.

Check his comments out for yourself below:

Is Fox off base?

Most people will agree on the officiating take, and objectively college basketball features less true skill and shotmaking than the NBA by a considerable margin. It’s understandable if that’s simply not for you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as unwatchable as Fox seems to imply.

College basketball’s magic comes from the stories and connection to your team more than anything. You trade a couple rough regular season watches for March Madness and conference tournament week, which is very rewarding for those who follow the game. And for every team that plays slow, methodical and traditionally “boring” basketball like Saint Mary’s and Virginia, there’s a Markquis Nowell and Kansas State to take their place.

What do you think?