John Calipari doesn’t agree with ESPN’s Jay Bilas, and he explained his thoughts following the NBA Draft.

While sharing an ESPN article, Bilas tweeted that “college programs don’t ‘produce’ pros, they recruit them. Good coaches at every level help players improve, but don’t “produce” pros.”

Naturally, after having three players drafted in the first round Thursday night, Calipari was asked about Bilas’ comment.

“I don’t agree,” he said. “What about Tyler Herro? What about Eric Bledsoe?”

It’s borderline ridiculous how many NBA players went to Kentucky. Guys like Anthony Davis, John Wall, Karl-Anthony Towns and DeMarcus Cousins are all NBA talents and household names.

Did Kentucky produce them or did it just recruit them?

“I think there’s a culture that we have and a system, a process that we have of developing them with an idea of what the end result is – trying to win,” Calipari said.

Check out Calipari’s full comments below, as shared by WKYT Sports’ Alex Walker: