The 2020 NBA Draft will take place in June. For now, players are deciding whether to enter their names in the draft or return to school.

Kentucky will have several key decisions upcoming, and on Friday, coach John Calipari revealed how many players would enter the NBA Draft proceedings.

Coach Cal said 5 Wildcats have declared for the draft (via Kentucky Sports Radio):

“What we did, before they left, I had individual meetings with each player and I had the staff in there,” Calipari said. “I wanted everybody to hear it together individually with my staff. Then we just did a Zoom (video conference) call yesterday with my entire team to try to keep touching base with them, but the reality of it was five of them have put their name in the draft.”

Calipari didn’t mention which players were declaring for the draft, but KSR speculates that it was the 5 starters from this past season:

Though he didn’t specify which players this includes, the general consensus is that Kentucky’s five starters – Tyrese Maxey, Nick Richards, Ashton Hagans, Immanuel Quickley, and EJ Montgomery – are the ones considering a jump to the NBA.

Maxey is widely projected as a Round 1 pick, so he’s likely gone. How many others will join him in the 2020 NBA Draft? We’ll find out over the next couple of months.