Kentucky football fans looking for an apology from John Calipari might be waiting for a while. After a Twitter skirmish erupted between Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari and Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops, Calipari took to Twitter for some additional thoughts.

While Calipari stated that he will “support” and “cheer on” the football team, he stopped short of an apology, only saying “Comparing our athletic dept. to others was my bad.”

Fans shouldn’t be too concerned with the internal melodrama playing out in Kentucky’s athletic department. Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart stepped in on Saturday, saying ” We got people struggling in eastern Kentucky right now, and we’re talking about feelings getting hurt,” Barnhart said. “Need to get back to gratefulness, grace, and joy in this job.”

Calipari himself insinuated that things were copacetic in Wildcat country, saying, “Now I’ll do what I’ve done for 30 years: Coach my team and block out the clutter.” We’ll see if Mark Stoops and the rest of the Kentucky Wildcat football team feel the same.