Kentucky LB Kash Daniel is one of the most interesting players in the SEC. He’s also one of the top linebackers.

Last year, he recorded 84 tackles (7.5 for a loss) and one sack while helping the Wildcats win 10 games.

At SEC Media Days on Thursday, Daniel discussed who he watches on film to improve his own game. He said in addition to watching himself, he likes to watch Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers (via

“I mean, I study myself by studying what I did wrong,” he said. “When you watch film, you already know what you did wrong when you watch it, you know how to correct it. But just to pick up some new things, there’s a lot of film I watch on Luke Kuechly. He’s got unbelievable foot work, he’s got unbelievable lateral speed, unbelievable violence with the way he rolls his hips and how he recognizes play. His pass coverage is phenomenal for an inside backer. He is the prototype NFL inside linebacker that I love to watch. Watching film on him really helps me break down my fundamentals and technique to where I can become a better football player.”

The Wildcats will need Daniel to channel his inner Kuechly if they’re going to continue to play outstanding defense like they did in 2018.

Fortunately for Mark Stoops and the Kentucky coaches, Daniel seems ready to make that jump this fall.