A lot of weird things happen before football games.

What happened before Kentucky’s Oct. 7 game against Mizzou was weird, even for college football standards.

According to a report from Kentucky.com, University of Kentucky athletics photographer Chet White is suing the Lexington Police Department and officer Doug Pape. White alleged that Pape was driving an all-terrain vehicle just outside of Kroger Field on the Cat Walk before Kentucky’s Oct. 7 game when he was hit.

Court documents showed that White claimed Pape was not properly trained. The lawsuit was reportedly filed back in May.

White’s lawyers claimed that Pape was also not authorized to drive a vehicle in the pedestrian-only Cat Walk.

Here’s what the Kentucky.com report said about the lawsuit:

“Pape saw plaintiff in his path, and made an initial change of direction to avoid collision, but rapidly and unsafely changed course back in the plaintiff’s direction causing plaintiff to be hit by the rear wheels of the ATUV,” the lawsuit said. “Pape continued on after the obvious collision until he was forced to stop by the crowd.”

According to White, he suffered head, back, knee and shoulder injuries, which also included surgery.

Here was video of the alleged incident: