Kentucky picks up commitment from Ohio defensive end

Sep 3, 2016; Lexington, KY, USA; The Kentucky Wildcats mascot runs on the field before the game against the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles at Commonwealth Stadium. Southern Mississippi defeated 44-35. Kentucky Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky picked up its fourth commitment for 2018, this time from weak-side defensive end Alex Reigelsperger.

Reigelsperger announced his decision on Twitter.

Reigelsperger, a product of Wayne High School in Dayton, Ohio, currently has 14 scholarship offers including Duke, Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, West Virginia and Wisconsin. The 6-foot-3, 235-pounder is rated the No. 40 athlete and No. 21 Ohio prospect of the 2018 recruiting class by the 247Sports Composite.

His highlights can be viewed below:

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  • Great start!
    Four 3 stars already committed.

    • A positive comment fromParis!

    • While little brother, just 80 miles to the west, has four recruits, two 4 stars and two 3 stars. But when you finished ranked 63 in the country as the Cats did, we should be happier that a pig in a bucket of sh-t! Oh, the effects of that recruiting deck and what it has done for ‘our version of Stoops’ and his program.

    • You must understand that recruiting services are not 100% accurate. I point Josh Allen an unrated player who led the SEC in forced fumbles

      • Nicholson, I agree.
        I personally think they have been hiding the talents of NO 69 on the defensive side of the ball. The same way they hide the talents of a four star quarterback who ended up in Boston playing ball. BUT we still have one of the four star variety at UK and he will surface this year. Don’t ya think?

  • I see a regular poster on here, the one with a multitude of names, is getting his butt handed to him on the Ole Miss site.

  • I knew you couldn’t stay positive for very long

    Poverty, lack of job skills and education will take a man’s spirit

    I guess the alcohol and pills keeps you going

    • You’ve made it abundantly clear you are lacking in education as well, guy. If I were you, I wouldn’t touch on the subject of education!

      • You and Paris are twins!

        • If you think there’s a shared identity between paris and I because we hate you, then I definitely have a lot more twins out there. Your dad and I could even be twins.

      • Bunker, I don’t respond to him, nor anyone else does. He has a variety of screen names he uses so he can get someone to agree with him. As I mentioned he was blocked on the Lexington Herald comment site several years ago for making slanderous remarks to other posters. He has a fixation on nursing homes, bowel movements, and mental illness. ignore him. OR as I do I post what ever I feel like about the inept University of Kentucky football program and its AD, coach, and other foolishness they come up with. Have a good day. And again, good luck on your predicament.

        • All I need is his real name so I can get the rest. Do you have it? Or can you get it?

        • Bunker, he doesn’t have the ‘hanger downs’ to post on a site where he would have to use his real name.
          I figure he’s about 15 at the most, or his time is limited for using the computer. Like you, I could do the same.

        • Now Tommy…. you be nice! As for the ‘hanger downs’ comment, I’m sure there are a number of places in the Bluegrass that would welcome your honest opinion the next time you travel north. The question to be answered is do you have the ‘hanger downs’ to make some of your statements in those establishments.

          You make some good points from time to time but your sarcasm and bitterness result in no one taking you serious. I can’t tell if your hate is directed towards UK in general, the UK football program as a whole, Coach Stoops or Mitch Barnhart (or E… all the above).

  • Paris

    You reached a new low

    You called out two Kentucky players by name. Matt Elam and Patrick Towles

    Stay classy

  • Again he uses a new screen name. He knows my name because I have posted it here several times. I regular post in the Lexington Herald, the Louisville Courier Journal , CBS sports and other sits using my name. I’m not afraid to walk into any establishment and make comments about the worthless athletic director, ‘our version of Stoops’ or the guy who is just as satisfied with putting players in the NBA as he is winning championships.

  • You know, I was going to just read & not comment like I have been, but a few things need to be cleaned up here, especially since this Ole Miss guy joined the threat. 1, Sevent, you really need to stop wasting your energy on Paris, he’s already stated he’s going to go against anything Barnhart does, like anyone he hires, so he’s going to go against any Barnhart hire, which is why he’s negative on anything good that comes of Stoops’ or Calipari’s programs right now. Its a waste to try and respond to him with facts or anything because he’s not going to change his mind on how he comments or his opinion because of what I stated above about what he thinks about Barnhart. I agree with AlltheSec who commented below, but contrary to Paris’ belief, at least, not sure about yours, there are a lot more KY fans who read the articles daily and not comment and check both your threads daily just to see what you two argue about, and to add onto that, I also am positive that Sevent made second accounts just to troll Paris and get him confused with the regulars AFTER paris started saying the people disagreeing with him were the same person. I continue to comment, I just stopped responding to him because its a waste of time. Do you not see that he just wants an argument and is purposefully trying to piss us off? He baited you perfectly with “Great start! Four 3 stars already committed.” Does that seem like something he would say? No, it isn’t. Everyone sensible on here just needs to stop commenting to him, he’s trying to piss you off for fun, that’s why the last comment I had aimed at him weeks back called him a sadist, because that counts for internet trolls also. Do yourself a favor and stop wasting your energy on him, that goes for all KY fans, as I know a bunch of you will read this & won’t comment anyways. The only way you’re going to get rid of him is by not commenting to him, even if comments on your personal comment, because its pretty obvious he loves to piss you off, and boy if I was in his position, I would be having a field day on this site. Y’all have to understand there isn’t enough UK fans on this site to run him off in the first place. Just grab some starbucks, read the articles, and comment, but do yourself a favor and avoid him, you’re only hurting yourself and strengthening his desire to stay on here. You’re giving him what he wants, BBN. It’s not that hard to realize it.

    • Also, just do yourself a favor & don’t respond to him at all, no matter how PO-ed he gets and how personal he might try to attack you or your comment, or how difficult it may be. One reason being eventually he will stop if he doesn’t get what he wants, no matter how much he will say in a tantrum-like rant, “I’m not leaving and will only do it more.” Another being its a waste of a thread when you respond to his comments, it gets so annoying, & it takes up the entire thread basically with useless comments, this threads already lost, so no, its not hypocritical. One last thing, don’t respond to this if paris responds to this, because we all know he will, its not his way not too:)

    • I forgot to say have a great day to all the BBN fans out there:)

    • BBN

      You are a bright spot in this sewage pit site that Paris has created and I took his bait. This site is supposed to be for football fans who are BBN. I have allowed a hater to get under my skin.

      Paris is a worthless troll who is mad at the world. He probably does the same crap on other sites to get another crowd of fans upset. He does it for kicks because he is old and bitter. In fairness to Paris he probably was a fan when he was younger, sober and able to walk and have relations with women but has been disappointed over the years with Kentucky football that he has lost hope

      For the record I have no other account on this thread. I am a graduate of the University and am a die hard fan who attends every home game. GBB

  • I find it interesting that a majority of the commenters on here don’t have a profile. Well, when you are the say person using a multitude of names, why should you?
    Read mine. I actually post my name. And tell you where you can read my other comments. Not only on the Lexington Herald Leader, but also on the Louisville Courier Journal, CBS Sports, KSR, and others. So if you want to throw rocks and slander me, how about putting on your big boy pants and tell everyone who you are? I know it won’t happen, put I would LOVE to have this site require a Facebook membership to have the right to post here. Keep slinging the insults but at least you know where my comments are coming from.

  • I’m not interested in getting people commenting on my posts. I really don’t care if you even read my posts. I give my opinion and as far as I’m concerned, it can stop there.
    As far as my stance on UK athletics, I want to have the most competitive teams in the conference. Not just in one sports but in all, both men’s and women’s. I want an athletic director who will actually conduct a nation wide coaching search in every sport he controls. It hasn’t happened yet so why should I expect it to happen at anytime. I want to show the support for the football program that is shown in every other state university in the SEC. Downsizing the football stadium, isn’t showing support. It’s to give the image we have larger crowds than we actually do. And the joke the AD actually has any involvement in the men’s basketball program is a total fallacy. He has an associate AD that deals with the Great One. And allowing a coach, at what was once considered the top men’s basketball programs in the country to make a statement that he is just as satisfied putting players in the NBA as he is winning championships. It’s a team sport. Not a proving ground you can shoot. Check on how poorly these AAU All Stars have been treated during their days playing in the AAU. All that jet setting across the country to play in tournaments, staying in very nice motels and hotels, eating at the better restaurants, etc. Yea, he’s a great humanitarian. And none of these would have made it to the NBA if they hadn’t had his tutoring.
    SO, don’t respond. I would find that rewarding in its self.