The Kentucky Wildcats are feeling themselves after a 2-0 start to the regular season. That’s impressive and hard enough to accomplish on its own, but the fact that their second win was a 10-point win over No. 12 Florida? Well, that’s a statement from Mark Stoops and his Wildcats.

No, Kentucky football isn’t quite yet on par with the school’s basketball program, but it’s big wins like these that help establish a winning culture.

Culture-building also requires a bit of fun and the ability to enjoy the moment, and in that regard, it seems that Kentucky was spot on in its celebration of the win over the Gators. Talk about a gourmet, yet apropos, meal choice.

Speaking of culture building, you don’t want to be popping bottles after a Week 2 win but it’s also okay to let your hair down a bit and celebrate a big win. We can’t all go through life with the joy and enthusiasm of Bill Belichick, after all.

With that in mind, kudos to the Wildcats for both the big win and the big meal. Hopefully, that gator was well done.