For a while, it looked like South Carolina may run the Kentucky Wildcats right out of Commonwealth Stadium.

The Gamecocks got off to a torrid start running the football and the Kentucky defense was struggling mightily. South Carolina opened up the game with a 19-play, 79-yard scoring drive that featured 17 runs. On their next drive, the Gamecocks ran another double-digit scoring drive, which included six running plays.

At that point, South Carolina was rolling 14-0 over the Wildcats and Mark Stoops’ defense looked helpless against the run.

But thanks to some questionable playcalling by South Carolina since those first two drives, the Wildcats’ defense has taken advantage and held the Gamecocks to just five total yards on their next two possessions.

Why the change? South Carolina started throwing the football. Since their two scoring drives to begin the game, the Gamecocks have run 11 plays – eight passing and only three running plays.

Considering the success they had early in the game with the run, the sudden commitment to passing the ball is surprising, but I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising with Steve Spurrier as the head coach.

Kentucky’s defense, which ranks third in the SEC in pass defense, has kept South Carolina Dylan Thompson extremely uncomfortable in the pocket as the senior has only thrown for 44 yards on seven completions as of this posting.

There’s no doubt about it – a pass-heavy South Carolina team should play right into the hands of an aggressive and opportunistic Kentucky Wildcats defense.

Kentucky trails South Carolina 17-14 with just under four minutes remaining in the first half.