LeBron James has been accused of tampering when it comes to recruiting Anthony Davis to the Lakers but it has never been this blatant, which should have sent off red flags at ESPN.

Unfortunately for ESPN, no such measures where taken and a big mistake was made recently on the network’s airwaves.

If you have missed the news, ESPN reported this week that former Kentucky star and current New Orleans all-star Anthony Davis is requesting a trade to an NBA contender. He has reportedly informed New Orleans that he will not resign with the franchise when given the option to do so. Many suspect Davis plans to join James in Los Angeles and play for the Lakers.

So what exactly happened that made ESPN slip up?

Check out the response to this Anthony Davis Instagram post, under James’ account, “kingjames” which is the second response from the top:

“SHEESH that sweater is fire !!! Ur killin it bro anyway  cya laker oops that was a typo I meant cya LAter #striveforgreatness”

The only problem with the response is it isn’t real. It is a photoshop made by Twitter user sreekar. The content of the fake response should have given away that it was fake, but apparently, it did not to ESPN.

Here is sreekar celebrating the fact that ESPN aired the photoshopped image on the show and actually called James out for “giving the middle finger to the NBA” via his response, which was fake.

Once ESPN realized its mistake, they called out sreekar as being “some kid with way too much time on his hands,” to which he had the best possible response for the World Wide Leader in Sports:

Damn. He just got ESPN twice in a row.