Mark Stoops and Shane Beamer have had somewhat of a history, but for the Kentucky coach, it’s nothing personal between the 2 coaches.

Stoops on Monday was asked about there being an “edge” to the relationship, and he disputed the idea.

“I have no idea where you would get that information from. I mean, I have no clue where that would come,” Stoops said. “I mean, I don’t feel that way. Maybe he does. I don’t know. You’d have to ask him. But I don’t feel that at all. It’s another game and we need it for our university, for our players, it’s zero to do with me and Shane.”

The coaches last season appeared to have a brewing rivalry after Beamer wore sunglasses in a viral SEC Media Days video, and Stoops’ response seemed to be directed at Beamer.

“It’s easy to change the climate, you just change a uniform, talk a little game, dance around, put on some stupid sunglasses, you can change a climate,” Stoops said. “But to change a culture is at the core, and I’m quite certain we’ve changed our culture. Just who we are and how we’re perceived. Walk around with some of the greatest coaches and that respect you get, and the respect our players carry with them.”

But Stoops later said they weren’t directed at Beamer. However, that didn’t stop Beamer from having sunglasses in the locker room after a big win over Kentucky.