Even though Alabama has had a bulk of recent draft picks, the SEC’s strength in the NFL Draft for years is not exclusive to one team.

Take, for example, Kentucky, which is set to have LB Jamin Davis picked early in the draft tonight, as he’s widely seen as a first-round selection. Coach Mark Stoops shared thoughts with Paul Finebaum about the SEC’s strength, and how it’s gotten to this point in preparing players for the NFL Draft.

He said the NFL is set to get great players, and individuals, to help rosters this weekend.

“Everybody in this league, the recruiting is incredible,” Stoops said during a segment on “The Paul Finebaum Show.” “But even more importantly that doesn’t get talked enough about is the player development. Believe me, that’s no knock on any team. … But I know first hand in this league, it’s amazing the recruiting that goes on, and what we invest in the players in developing them in all areas of their life. That’s something that all of us take great pride in, I know I certainly do, and we have a great group coming out this weekend.”

Stoops said he talked with Davis earlier on Thursday and said the linebacker is a little bit anxious, a little bit nervous, “but he’s done all the work.”