Mark Stoops is taking a stand against the SEC officiating process, and will change his procedures for how the league reviews controversial plays and calls.

Stoops said on the SEC coaches media teleconference that he will no longer turn in questionable plays for review.

“I don’t even know why I turn in plays anymore,” Stoops said. “It certainly doesn’t matter. I don’t think I will from now on.”

Kentucky has dealt with multiple games having questionable officiating, which has upset Stoops.

Against Florida, there were 2 pass plays in the third quarter that upset Stoops. On a deep Kentucky pass, the refs held their whistles despite evident contact with the Florida defender. On the following series, a Kentucky defensive back was flagged for pass interference on a seemingly soft call.

Last week against Tennessee, a flag was not thrown on Tennessee’s Tyler Baron when he grabbed the facemask of QB Will Levis.