Photo: Following TaxSlayer Bowl loss, Kentucky rewards team with rings


In the SEC, contending for a trip to Atlanta is the minimum goal for most teams. For Kentucky, a bowl appearance will be chalked up as a win.

After a 7-6 season that ended with a 33-18 loss to Georgia Tech in the TaxSlayer Bowl, the Wildcats are getting rings.

Though this may seem like a participation trophy, the rings do represent a step in the right direction for UK football. Mark Stoops’ Wildcats¬†made a bowl for their first time in his four-year tenure last season despite battling adversity.

The season got off to a rocky start with a defeat at the hands of Southern Miss in Week 1, followed by the loss of starting QB Drew Barker in Week 3. The ‘Cats were able to right the ship afterward, however, earning a signature win over Lousiville and Heisman-winning QB Lamar Jackson in the regular season finale.

The 41-38 upset win over Louisville in the Governer’s Cup is commemorated, along with the player’s name and the phrase “Go Big Blue” on the side of each ring.

Hopefully for Kentucky fans, Stoops can build on this success, as his .338 win percentage is ahead of only first-year man Barry Odom at Mizzou among SEC coaches.

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  • 7 win season? Check!

    Now they just need to become “Champions of Life” to be officially great.

    • A bowl game every year & an upset every now and then is fine by my standards. It’s been a while since a bowl game for us, so I don’t see the problem with giving out the rings, we may have lost, but it was more of a troll move against Louisville since the rings have more decor about being Governor’s cup champions than the Taxslayer bowl appearance.

  • I wanted to play football in college…can I get a ring for that?

  • This is a move similar to Ole Miss naming every game a bowl game. If it helps, it helps, but I don’t think it will.

  • George Carlin, R.I.P., would lay an egg with this. “There are no losers anymore. Everyone’s a winner! You didn’t lose. You’re the last winner!” I recommend finding the YouTube video called George Carlin Winners.

    • Bunker

      Do you remember the Sylvester Croom / Ed Orgeron / Houston Nutt years at Ole Miss?

      • Not any Sylvester Croom years, I don’t. Neither does anyone else because there never were any Sylvester Croom years at Ole Miss. You can just end the troll right there because you already screwed up your speech.

        • Buster, he ain’t got a clue.

        • Equally forgettable Buster

          Croon was at Miss State

          Point is Rebel has no business trolling Kentucky thread

        • What the hell? No, there IS no point. You butchered your little troll there. There is no point except for you’re an idiot.

        • Sure Pal

          Ole Miss is a disgrace and an embarrassment

          Looking forward to the beat down in Lex this year

          I was at the last Ole Miss game in Lex and we crushed your cheater team

        • You sound like a goddamn child right now.

  • Croon at Ole Miss? Hmm. Don’t remember that.

  • Reminds me of Indiana cutting down the nets after a loss in basketball.. maybe would have been better to keep this off the Twitter account.

  • We lose to Louisville five years in a row, but when we win one, bingo, its on a ring. Actually the infamous. sixth win to get us bowl eligible was against AUSTIN PEAY! Maybe that game score is etched inside the ring.

  • Wonder what they would award the coaches and players with if we ever beat Florida?
    Heck, losing thirty straight times to a team and they finally, maybe, some time beating the, has to be worth something.
    Wonder if Miracle Mitch will ever schedule Western Kentucky again?
    We’re only down two in a row against them.

  • This is pathetic honestly