Ray Davis and the Kentucky Wildcats stunned No. 10 Louisville at their place Saturday afternoon.

Davis had a stellar game against the Cardinals, rushing for 76 yards and a touchdown to go alongside 51 receiving yards with 2 touchdowns. His final score of the day went on to win the Wildcats the game, 38-31.

Following the game, Davis was asked about an encounter he had (or, wanted to have) with Jack Harlow, a Louisville-based rapper who was in attendance Saturday.

“I thought when I got the 2nd one I’d find him, but when all these superstars come out it’s always best to ruin they Saturday,” Davis said. “So now he’s got to go home and start recording, I guess.”

Davis has had an excellent season with the Wildcats so far. He’s rushed for 990 yards and 12 touchdowns with 266 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns on the season.

The Wildcats finished the season well in what may have been one of Mark Stoops’ best wins at Kentucky. The Wildcats finish the regular season 7-5 and now await their bowl designation.