Kentucky’s offensive line has developed enough of a reputation that it has picked up a nickname: The Big Blue Wall.

That has drawn the respect of SEC Network analyst Chris Doering, who offered a strong analysis of the upcoming matchup with Auburn, in a video shared by ESPN. The obvious matchup issue is Auburn is trying to replace the likes of Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson this week against Kentucky, which has arguably one of the best offensive lines in the country.

“It’s going to be a problem replacing that type of production,” Doering said of Davidson and Brown. “The other problem they’re going to have is they’re going up against one of the best offensive lines in the entire country. That’s right, I said it. When was the last time that Kentucky was able to be mentioned in the same breath as having the best offensive line in the country? I think they have a better offensive line than Auburn does and I think they’re actually going to own Auburn’s defensive line up front.”

The line features All-SEC talent in Drake Jackson, Darian Kinnard and Landon Young.

“Those guys have developed a mentality that they’re physical, they’re nasty,” Doering said. “It started back in 2016 when Drew Barker got hurt and now it has built to the crescendo in 2019 when they’re the leading rushing team in the SEC. That’s who they are and they’re going to impose their will on every opponent they play this year, starting with Auburn in Week 1.”