Video Replay: Did clock expire before Florida’s overtime touchdown?

We’re getting a lot of emails and social media messages from Kentucky fans regarding this controversial “no call” during the overtime between UK and UF. Here’s the replay and we want to hear your opinion: Did the play clock expire before this touchdown?

Leave us a comment below and here’s the screenshot:

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  • Play clock expired before the snap. I have no doubt that should have been a delay of game call. Regardless, great game by the cats

    • Agreed, time had expired… And what’s worse, the offense telegraphed it. They suddenly had that “uh oh” moment and ran to their positions hurriedly; my eyes went straight to the clock which had single digits. They knew they they didnt have time. I don’t know how the officials possibly could have missed it with 11 guys scurrying into place suddenly on a late play call. Oh well, good game and fun to watch.

      • Honestly ya’ll make it seem like it is extremely obvious. If it was late which it might have been it wasn’t obvious. If you were ever a snapper you know that your hand moves before your body moves. It has to in order for it to be even a decent snap. His body moves right at the 1 to 0 change. Which means the ball was moving (therefore the play started) either right at or just before the change. It isn’t when the ball shoots out from his butt (wow how new that the centers snap was actually important…) So even if he might have been late it would have been so small that the refs wouldn’t have seen it. If the Kentucky Coach was so sure… Why didn’t he challenge it? He could have. Then adding to that the Kentucky defense still could have stopped him from catching it. So there is this small possibility overlooking all the over obvious occurrence that would have lead Kentucky to win it there. The fact is the way it was called was how it was called. Accept it and move on. Kentucky had more chance to win after and they couldn’t pull it off.

        • If you go back to pre slow mo and mash pause when you see the center snap the ball you will see that the play clock is still at one. It is around 14 seconds on the vid.

  • It absolutely did! Was a great game, but what a let down. Good to see Kentucky go into the swamp and play them that tough.

  • Just made up for the no call on the late hit on Kelvin Taylor in the first half. Player should of been ejected for targeting.

    • Jmartin87 I understand and appreciate a good make up call here and there but a missed call from the first quarter being made up in OVERTIME! Nope I don’t buy it. Blown call by the refs. UK played a hell of a game though.

    • I agree Meant should have been ejected. However, I don’t think the consequences of each no-call were remotely equal. But, it is what it is. Was a hell of a game and I’m glad Kentucky played as well as they did. GG, Gators.


  • In the stadium, the play clock was at 1 second when he hiked it.

    • I was there too and this is true. Just as that little yellow line doesn’t always accurately mark the first down, the play plays clocks on tv aren’t always accurate either.

      • Not true, the production trucks take the same data feed as the stadium or superimpose the clock if a feed isn’t available. If anything, the clock on tv is can be slightly behind, not ahead of the one in the stadium.

      • That’s BS!! Take your orange and blue glasses off…. I was there too and the game clock was definitely expired in the stadium. Every Gator fan around me admitted the refs stole this one from UK.

    • I was in the stadium and saw the 1 second as well.

      • No way….. you are not being objective. I was there too and the refs screwed UK! I find it interesting that only the Gator fans think there was a full second left on the play clock. UK won that game…. What a pathetic way for the game to end.

        • I was at the game as well and it looked verrrry close, but I’d give it to Florida. The TV definitely makes it look like they snapped late. It all happened at about the same time live.

      • You also said the refs called the game in UK’s favor…in Gainesville.

  • It ran out right before the snap… but this is why the game or any sport will ever be perfect. It was so close by the time the ref saw 0 and looked down to the field the ball was being snapped.

  • I care nothing for the Gators and am neutral towards UK and love UGA and the SEC. But, I am into bettering the game. Maybe the NCAA should implement milliseconds after that last second. It is a close call, did not see the end of this game. For such a close game, if it was not reviewed… It should have been.

  • Bottom line its a penalty cannot be reviewed and its the referees job to make the call i hate to say it but when he missed the call that was the end of it

  • The Swamp is the least likely place you’ll find fair officiating in the SEC.

  • Football IS NOT basketball and I hope it never becomes so. Time should never be put back on the clock because a ref was slow to call time, and video should not be used to determine time on a play such as this. Do refs make mistakes? You bet, they are human. However, football is played by humans and they make mistakes also. Let the game remain human. UK lost to UF again, why does that surprise anyone?

    • JesseBraswell I understand that call wasn’t reviewable but that could have cost UK the game. LAST YEAR Nick Saban argued to have game time put back on the clock and he got it. That ended up costing him a shot at another Championship. This play could be officiated just like fumbles especially within the last two minutes or overtime. Let the play play out then review it. Very simple.

    • As an Auburn fan, I like it when they put 0:01 second back on the clock so that Bama can try an ill-advised field goal. :-)

  • SMH…its ashame that this happened and was not called cause of poor officiating and also there was the play with UKs defender that very well coulda been targeting and ejection

  • Everyone wants to blame someone. I’ve been an athlete and a ref in several sports. What it really comes down to is FL beat UK. The game had to end somehow. You are talking a millisecond here. No way the naked eye could judge that. We get to see it in slow motion. The refs do not!

    Since we are a society of the blame game, blame UK for not playing hard enough in the first four quarters, missing tackles, and UK #5 for letting that WR get behind him.

    It’s a game and the people on the field are not robots. They are young adults playing the game they love. We should pat them on the back and tell them to keep their heads up as they played a great game.

    • When a missed call results in the difference of a win or loss, it’s a big deal. To say, in essence, “get over it” is crap.

      • Okay, don’t get over it, let it ruin the whole season for you…it is your choice. No one ever said life was fair. I believe I have seen many bad calls over the years, but I don’t believe any of them have changed the rotation of the earth!

    • I have to agree with you. It is so hard to make a perfect call all the time. I am just thankful there are people who stick their neck out for others. Refs are always the bad guys, but without them there would be no game…Criticize all you want.

  • Kentucky has improved but lets face it Florida is terrible!

  • I believe that when the game is on the line the right thing should be done. The ref’s made poor calls….yes however, if the play clock runs out it runs out and that is part of the rules. I feel the out come of the game would have been different if it had been called.

  • Since we can wire the referee into the PA system, why not have, on his person, a “beep” or a “vibrate” of some kind in sync with the play clock? Sort of like the light on an ice hockey goal.

  • Time expired. You can tell that it did especially on the clocks they had a camera on. That’s how they reference their digital clocks on their scoreboard for TV. Nonetheless, they didn’t call it and that was the end of it. I’m a uk fan and it bummed me out to see that, but if uk didn’t hear the whistle, then they should have kept on playing as if Florida got it off on time. uk fans should be proud of this team though. Taking steps in the right direction.

    • Time expired. Regardless I thought UK kicked the crap out of Florida. I thought the officials did a poor job several times. Great game Cats you have everyone’s attention!

  • It was a great game. Yes the refs missed calls on both sides. No one had ANY advantage from the refs so just don’t go there. Yes they missed the call and yes we should have won…several times. We simply beat ourselves. If we had executed throughout the rest of the game we wouldn’t have even been in overtime. Either way it is what it is and now it’s history. We’ll get em next year. And we WILL finish them. GO CATS!

  • The play clock was at zero before the ball left the hands of the center. You can for sure see that in the replay video. Good game Uk you were cheated.

  • What’s funny is all the Ky fans saying “you’re not being objective”, what they really mean is “you disagree with me and I’m gonna pout about it.” Complain all you want, but as an SEC fan, Florida won. If they would have called it, Florida gets a shot anyway from a few yards back. It isn’t a loss of down penalty. If Ky was the better team they would have won it in the first 4 quarters. Whine all you want Ky STILL has a loss.

    • blitzer13: You’re right, UK lost the game but rules are in place for a reason and 4th and 12 is a lot harder to convert than 4th and 7. It’s over, but as a long time UK fan this game burns more than usual since it came against a team we’ve now lost to 28 years in a row (“potentially” due to an inexplicable “non-call” by a ref). Even the Gator fans around me at the game shook my hand and said “the refs stole this one from UK.” Enough said….

  • Well if it had been a penalty it would have been a five yard penalty. Then there would have been a dead ball Unsportsmanlike Penalty on the Kentucky coach for storming the field.

    • Good point!
      Would the penalties have offset or would the five yarder be taken for delay of game and then half the distance to the goal and automatic first down for the unsportsmanlike?

  • From my perspective it seems like the ball started moving right as the clock hit zero. Not sure what the rule is. Does the ball need to simply be moving, be out of the centers hands, be in the QBs hands , or somewhere in between?
    I would guess that when the movement is simultaneous then it goes in favor of the offense.
    It was close and i think no matter how the ref called it there would not be enough video evidence to overturn the call (if that were even a possibility).
    Let’s not forget that even if the penalty was called UF would still have another play so UK would not have automatically won based on this call.

  • They should have review the play like all touchdown calls. It clearly shows that it was a delay of game, so they should back them up and then Kentucky would stop Florida and the streak would be over.Also how much did the gaiters paid the referees.

  • As a former division II Ref, this is the way it works:
    The backs ref watches the clock as it drops below five. When the clock hits :00 he then looks at the center. If the ball is MOVING there is no foul. it doesn’t have to be in the QB’s hand, or even out of the centers hand for that matter. As long as the ball has MOVED, even SLIGHTLY, no foul.