Will Levis is transitioning to the NFL, and the former Kentucky quarterback appears to be settling in nicely with the Tennessee Titans.

Tim Kelly, the Titans offensive coordinator, said Levis’ physical traits immediately stood out with his size, big arm and speed.

“He’s got a good release, a quick release,” Kelly said. “Very smart. He’s done a good job being able to come in, and we’ve thrown a lot at him early on. And like any rookie, he’s learning how to be a pro and there’s different challenges that go along with that, but Will’s done a good job of being able to put in the time, put in the work and do things the way we want him to.”

The Titans ended Levis’ wait in the NFL Draft as he became the story of the player who fell the most. But the Titans traded up 8 spots with Arizona to select the Kentucky quarterback with the No. 33 pick overall. Levis is starting as third quarterback behind veteran Ryan Tannehill and backup Malik Willis.