Are you ready for the Game of the Century? Or this year’s version of it at least. That’s right, it’s Alabama vs. LSU. Two titans enter. Only one will leave … and the other will probably make the Playoff, anyway. But if you’re a neutral fan, who should you root for?

We’re here to help you out. We put together a list of 20 reasons it’s better to be an LSU fan than an Alabama fan. Don’t worry Bama fans, your list is right here.

1. You have the most fun coach in college football

If you don’t love Coach O, you’re either lying or have never experienced true love.

2. LSU has more sports besides football

Does Alabama have a baseball or basketball team? Please somebody let me know.

3. You get to count Shaq as a fellow fan

LSU might need him to play linebacker on Saturday.

4. You have the best, and the most thicc, quarterback in college football

Joe Burrow is the people’s champion. Tua could learn a thing or two from him.

5. Bryant-Denny feels like a library compared to Death Valley

But it’s not like Alabama fans would know what a library is, so who knows.

6. You never have your season ruined by your in-state rival

Good luck trying, Tulane and La-Monroe. (Oh, that’s right … Bama lost to La.-Monroe.)

7. There’s more reasons to live in Louisiana besides football

Take football away from Alabama and what do you have? Just some highway rest stops and a few Bojangles.

8. Your coach is a way better actor than Nick Saban

9. All of your championships are real

LSU could have 17 national championships, too, if numbers are just made up.

10. You don’t feel like you want to pass out every time you attempt a field goal

Watching an Alabama kicker attempt a field goal is a joy everyone except Bama fans can appreciate.

11. You’ve got the best tailgate food in the South

Meanwhile Alabama fans are probably putting raisins in their potato salad.

12. Bama fans could never drink with you

This is a point of pride.

13. You’ve actually beaten good teams in 2019

Alabama was playing Duke while you were winning at Texas.

14. You’ve never been embarrassed by Clemson

Sure, it was a National Championship Game, but at least no one was laughing at LSU that night.

15. You don’t need LED lights to have an intimidating atmosphere

Death Valley at night is scary enough, you don’t need strobe lights to try to fit in with Gen Z.

16. We know what happened the last regular season No. 1 vs. No. 2 game

Just don’t ask what happened at the end of the season.

17. You don’t live in a state where the nicest restaurant is Hardee’s

Take a drive through the state of Alabama and that’s about all you’ll see.

18. Sure, Alabama has Lynyrd Skynyrd, but you have Louis Armstrong

Bama fans find one song that mentions their state and play it over and over. How adorable.

19. You also have pro teams to root for

I’m sure there will be a pro team in Alabama once they figure out how wi-fi works.

20. There’s nothing better than watching Alabama lose

And it’ll happen again on Saturday.