Ed Orgeron and some generous Go Fund Me contributors are helping make a young LSU fan’s dream come true.

Ashley Gooden of WBMA has shared the story of 9-year-old Colton Moore in Odenville, Alabama. On the first day of school, Colton’s mother Clara took a photo of her son with all his LSU backpacks. Colton suggested she send it to Orgeron. To their surprise, Orgeron’s assistant responded letting them know he wanted to meet Colton.

The family needed some help to make it happen. Colton was born with spina bifida, which makes traveling difficult. Kristen Churchill set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money for the family to purchase a handicap accessible fan to make the trip down to Baton Rouge.

The goal has been met and Colton will be at Tiger Stadium on Oct. 5 for the Utah State game.

Colton became an LSU superfan after meeting some of the LSU baseball players at the Hoover Met in May 2017.

More on Colton’s story can be found in Gooden’s story and on the Go Fund Me page.

Here’s the special backpacks photo, via the Go Fund Me page:

The WMBA broadcast segment on Colton can be viewed below:

Featured image via WBMA video above