Andy Dalton and Joe Burrow were Cincinnati Bengals “teammates” for roughly a week. Burrow went No. 1 overall in last week’s 2020 NFL Draft. This Thursday, the Bengals released their veteran starting quarterback, passing the torch to Burrow. To his credit, the veteran quarterback isn’t showing any signs of bitterness toward the rookie.

Dalton spoke with senior writer Geoff Hobson after his release. Dalton’s advice for his replacement was simple.

“Just learn everything as quickly as you can, that’s the best piece of advice,” Dalton said. “And worry about what you can control.”

The Burrow talk didn’t end with the advice. Dalton detailed what the past few months have been like heading into the draft and shared his congratulations for the Heisman Trophy winner from LSU.

“I knew they were going to take Joe. Regardless whether I was on the team or not, I would have reached out,” Dalton said. “He had a great college career and he went No. 1 and I just wanted to give him my congratulations on him getting drafted where he did. And tell him he’s going to a good team.”

Dalton also thinks Burrow is walking into a good Year 1 situation with a receiving corps highlighted by veteran AJ Green and draftee Tee Higgins. The veteran says it’s a stronger supporting cast than his in 2011.

“We had a different group at receiver,” Dalton said. “My year was different, too. Everyone wanted to talk about Carson (Palmer) and what would happen. That’s why I say, worry about what you can control … (Burrow) is going to have some virtual meetings I didn’t get to have. He’s getting a leg up on a lot of things.”