Somewhat surprisingly, LSU-Arkansas was decided by only seven points. A late score by the Razorbacks cut it to 24-17, which would end up being the final score.

However, it could have very easily been 31-17. With roughly one minute left on the clock, LSU RB Nick Brosette ran the ball right up to the goal line. Instead of scoring, he decided to stop in front of the goal line to allow LSU to run out the clock instead of giving Arkansas another chance to score (albeit down 13 or 14 points depending on the PAT).

Brosette, meanwhile, says he was just being a team player and focused on getting the win:

There was a run before that it looked like Brosette could have scored and there was a run after in which LSU actually tried to score, but it’s arguably the above run and its ending that will sting the most for bettors.