Booger McFarland played at LSU; so, it’s only natural he’d take up for Brian Kelly’s new fake southern accent, right?

McFarland, speaking on ABC’s halftime show from the studio, floated a hilarious theory about Kelly’s accent. If you missed it, Kelly was trolled for a newfound southern accent while speaking to a crowd at halftime of the LSU basketball game.

“I think there was something going on with the microphone at the PMAC,” McFarland said. “I talked to people, and they said the modulation with the mic was off.”

McFarland quickly transitioned off of the fake southern accent to explaining why LSU got its guy.

“But LSU got their guy, and I think that he brings everything that LSU needs, which is stability, a guy who’s buttoned up standing in front of the room. And he had a propensity at Notre Dame for building big, tough, physical offensive lines, and that travels anywhere.”

Kelly’s next goal will be building out a great staff in Baton Rouge.

You can see McFarland’s comments below:

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