Jarrell Cherry’s body has seen a major transformation since his arrival in Baton Rouge.

The Houston native arrived on campus as a 225-pound linebacker after signing with LSU during the 2018 recruiting cycle but he’s now up to around 270 and has shifted down to defensive end in Dave Aranda’s system. That’s a ton of weight to put on in a single year that would be difficult for anyone to put on just by eating right and lifting weights.

According to senior lineman Breiden Fehoko, Cherry has been doing more than working hard in the weight room to put on muscle — his fellow lineman has been strapping his backpack full of bricks as he walks around campus.

“Jarell’s carrying bricks every day to school in his backpack,” Fehoko said according to The Advocate. “He’s crazy, man.”

In fact, the brick backpack is so heavy, an assistant coach could not lift it.

For any college student looking to bulk up this semester, they may want to give this unconventional method a try.