Brian Kelly explains how LSU players and his staff are adapting to his coaching philosophy

Brian Kelly offered another update to spring practice at LSU, and said that 5 practices in, the players and coaches are adapting to what it’s like to practice under a new regime.

Kelly said the players have adjusted to how he wants them to practice, and the assistant coaches have adapted to Kelly’s vision.

“I think what they’ve done more than anything else is embraced my philosophy,” Kelly said. “That was part of the hiring process. We’ve got a lot of coaches that are familiar with what I’ve done and so that’s been, from a leadership standpoint, I think been easier because the coaches have had some of that familiarity. I think more than anything else, they’re all great teachers.”

Kelly described the players as being in a “different classroom,” but each day has been a great learning experience.

“We want to get better and you have to challenge each other to that end,” he said. “I think our guys clearly understand that you can’t tackle all the time. You’ve got to be able to get better and not take somebody to the ground. Sometimes that’s a learning experience but … I’ve really liked how they’ve adapted each and every day.”

Kelly has also challenged the players to develop a competitive spirit in the classroom, the community and the football field.

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  • Poor corndogs. Got those NCAA sanctions coming. Should be a mass exodus of talent. The GOAT Coach Nick Saban will pick and chose who he wants.

    • I am hoping that the players from the State of Missouri will think twice and those top players will come to play for Drinkwitz.

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