Brian Kelly again praised his offense after a 56-14 win over Georgia State.

“It was a great performance again by our offense,” Brian Kelly said after the game. “Eight possessions, eight touchdowns; what more could you say? It’s been exciting to watch and I hope everyone enjoyed the efficiency in which they operated.”

Daniels is still second behind Bo Nix among Heisman Trophy betting favorites.

Kelly cited Jayden Daniels’ 8 touchdowns accounted for, and pointed to the 25-for-30 passing performance for 400 yards.

“Generally when you see 25-for-30, you see short passes, screens, flares, things of that nature,” Kelly said. “Just a dominating performance from the offensive side.”

About Daniels, Kelly said he’s shown how assertive and decisiveness in the passing game.

“When you’re 25-for-30 throwing the ball, the decisiveness and decision-making has to be that way,” he said. “But decisiveness is the most important thing for me.”

On defense, after the pair of early touchdowns surrendered, the defenders settled down and played well the rest of the way.

“We’re really resilient, had some nice fourth-down stops, and did a nice job defensively from that perspective,” Kelly said. “These games are not easy when you come out of the SEC with the emotions of playing SEC games, we’ve seen that.”

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