Brian Kelly has picked the best player in the country, handing out the title to Jayden Daniels.

Kelly appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show on Monday to talk about how the season gone. Daniels accounted for 8 total touchdowns in the win over Georgia State on Saturday.

Daniels is the best player in the country in Kelly’s eyes and it isn’t even close.

“I’ve been outspoken on this, in this Heisman year, because I think that just watching this young man play, he’s been the best player and it hasn’t even been close,” said Kelly. “He has taken over games in a manner that I have not seen in my 30+ years.”

What stands out to Kelly about Daniels is the ability to throw the ball downfield with accuracy and not settling for “cupcake throws.” Daniels displays toughness when running the ball and doesn’t slide.

Regardless of whether Daniels wins the Heisman or not, Kelly thinks the Tigers’ QB is still the best player in college football.

“He’s been decisive, he’s thrown the ball with such great accuracy down the field,” Kelly said. “He doesn’t have the cupcake throws where he’s throwing screens and adding yardage. His yardage is real. He doesn’t slide, he’s probably slipped 3 or 4 times. He’s got toughness. I’m gonna give it every chance I can to talk about his candidacy, and if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out. He still is the best player in college football this year.”

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