There were several freshmen who starred in the SEC this season, and the “Inside College Football” crew on CBS Sports Network picked 3 of them as Freshman of the Year.

Aaron Taylor chose the LSU offensive tackles Will Campbell and Emery Jones, and explained why.

“To be able to play at that level in that conference, 1,000 combined drop-backs, only 8 combined sacks, it’s extraordinary what those 2 young men did,” he said.

Brian Jones, meanwhile, picked the Ole Miss running back Quinshon Judkins.

“This says it all, Nick Saban after he rushed for 135 on them said, ‘I wished I had recruited him,'” Jones said. “That’s all you need to hear about this young man. He was fabulous, he ran tough. He shattered any illusion that a true freshman can come in and really make some noise. He was outstanding, the yards after contact were so impressive.”

The other panelists, Rick Neuheisel and Randy Cross each chose North Carolina QB Drake Maye.

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