Clark Lea was a defensive assistant at Notre Dame from 2017-20, serving under head coach Brian Kelly. Now, Lea and Kelly are both head coaches in the SEC — Lea at Vanderbilt and Kelly at LSU, where he was just recently hired.

When Kelly arrived at LSU earlier this week, he addressed Tigers fans at a basketball game and expressed his optimism for the future success of the football program. But the 1 thing that everybody was left talking about? Kelly’s apparent new accent.

In fact, even Lea was surprised to hear Kelly talking in a more southern style.

“I’m used to that straight Boston accent he used to pull out when he was disappointed in me,” Lea said, per The Athletic’s Joe Rexrode.

Lea also joked about it, stating that Kelly “adapting his accent will be a part of his success,” per Robbie Weinstein of

No matter how Kelly talks, the most important thing to LSU fans will be the on-field results for the Tigers. After going 6-6 in the final season of the Ed Orgeron era, LSU will look to turn things around now with Kelly at the helm.

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